Friday, September 30, 2011


At the last GOP debate, why wasn't there some response by any of the candidates when members of the audience booed a gay soldier, on the job in Iraq, asking about the don't ask-don't tell law? The strongest after-the-fact statement was "unfortunate." This man, one of our finest, risking his life for his country,  should be greeted with "God bless you" or "We are grateful for your service", regardless of what he has to say. Is the fear of the ultra conservative right that strong? Let's get centered here. Enough gutless silence. A soldier gets a pass on boos from any audience.

Why are acts of violence (read "kill") committed exclusively by pro-lifers against pro- choicers? Might it reflect out-of-control maniacal zealots versus reasonable people who dare to have another view? Believe what you will, but a doctor providing abortion services, in a responsible medical way, will not be charged with any degree of homicide. People should be able to disagree without killing each other. Or is the right of pro-choice an exception to that rule? And why must this issue be discussed in whispered tones?

Never, ever, discuss politics while drinking.

If a close friend or relative of a criminal defense attorney is killed by a drunk driver, watch that lawyer's zeal in defending OUI cases plummet off the chart.

Why are so many self-professed intellectuals really pseudo-intellectuals?

Why do men, at the height of their good-look swag, get unnecessarily short haircuts, and have to hibernate 'till it grows back. A full head of hair is a man's strongest asset. Groom, don't cut.

I don't care who you are or what you do, always have a wintergreen BreathSaver in your mouth. What an edge you'll have, comin' owtta the gate.

Why do young people refuse to benefit from advice of elders, insisting on making the same mistakes themselves, before paying heed?

How to handle a woman? Look to Camelot: "Simply love them, love them, love them," Try to top that.

A key member of the Boston Red Sox, following their stunning loss to Baltimore, coupled with the more stunning Tampa Bay come-from-behind victory over the Yankees, said"I believe in God and it was his will that we not make the playoffs." Can you even try to picture those words being spoken by Ted Williams, Babe Ruth,Joe Dimaggio, or players of their ilk?  They'd be kicking empty cans all over the lot, as well as their own asses. Please, a breakdown is a collapse is a choke.

Falling in love with love is falling for make-believe.

Weren't former president of Egypt Hosna Mubarak, former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega and former dictator of Iraq Saddam Hussein all one time allies of the United States? Receiving monies and weapons from us? Don't look now, but their being overthrown at our initiative, has worsened the security of those regions and ours as well. We should pick our poisons more carefully.

Why the hesitation in unequivocally stating that President George W. Bush lied us into the Iraq war and all that inevitably followed. He was a puppet of his Vice President and did what he was told. Funny, if it wasn't so damned dangerous. Can you ever forget his reaction, caught on tape, to being told, by Andrew Card, of the Twin Tower attacks? THERE WAS NONE FOR 8 SECONDS. Cheney was the man in charge and issued the tough orders. A most competent guy, when he's on your side.

I am not a racist. But a Mosque near the site of Ground Zero insults the memories of those slain and does irreparable damage to their families and loved ones. Like building an Auschwitz memorial on the West Bank. Any constitutional argument in support, should be trumped by common sense.

Yes, I do get very concerned when I see people in Muslim garb flying on the same flight. I remain anxiously vigilant and pray that there are FBI agents, posing as passengers, on the plane. I'll bet I'm not alone.

Two stoned guys conversing: "Is Rip Torn his real name?"
"Is Rip Torn who's real name?"

"God grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."
Is that not up there, just beneath the Bible, as a standard for living?

If you knew Suzy like I knew Suzy, her father would be after you, toozy.

President Obama, avoiding the speed lane while staying in the middle of traffic, will slowly but surely win the race. His car is named "REASON."

As Mrs. Cassidy said to Mr. Cassidy, "It's time to hopalong."

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