Monday, January 23, 2012


The beginning was the end of Gingrich. Romney, obviously honed to steel, seized the moment, grabbed the sharp- attack ball and ran with it for a game-winning touchdown. Were it not for excessive makeup, Gingrich's complexion would have revealed panic green. It was not unpleasant to see a bully finally get his due. His resignation as Speaker in disgrace, his lobbying for Freddie Mac under the sham cover of "historian" and his "consulting" for the pharmaceuticals cannot be controverted, despite his embarrassing attempts at denial. The Florida primary may turn on a dime, but as that state goes, the nation may very well not.

Romney seems to have found a rhythm, confident in his own skin. But there are few accolades connected to that claim. A long road remains untravelled as the vetting becomes even more intense, inviting more issues to cause the self-destruction of a candidate.

The GOP dilemma may be thusly stated: as it hopes for an electable candidate to survive, what if all the trees in the forest fall, leaving no scintilla of competency standing?

The West Wing night lights illuminate a 2012 election gambol.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Newt Gingrich is a cad. A malicious malignancy who constantly plays the room and revises history by attempting to justify and contort his proclivity for doing wrong things by saying he's sorry for being like everyone who makes mistakes. His contrition is a three dollar bill. Formally previously castigated and scarlet-lettered by his own party, he has knowingly violated the ethic rules of his own kind--which ain't easy to do. His moral character reflects that he is his own pimp. Cheating on a cancer ridden first wife while simultaneously savaging his President for similar misconduct, cheating-repeating on wife #2 with mistress-now #3 may not be a crime but it certainly warrants giving his postman a change-of-address card reflecting a present domicile of the gutter. He shoots first and thinks later. His feigned anger at John King for serving up a grooveball question on his lack of moral compass is laughable. His temperament and sociopath instincts makes his presidential candidacy terrifying. He almost makes Romney look not so bad.

My prediction: keep your eye on Jeb Bush, to whom the GOP might very well turn, on bended knee, in order to avoid certain disaster.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


It's too casual, dammit! Like saying "excuse me" if you bump into someone.

Consider that you are addressing an individual who has volunteered to risk his (her) right to stay alive. Every day, just read a newspaper or watch T.V. Troops killed in a mortar attack, by a roadside bomb or in a firefight. The war status drags on with no complete closure in sight, perhaps causing our tolerance for these daily horrific events to stiffen. Is it possible to even partially imagine the dread which pervades the family of a service member, to whom every phone call is a potential harbinger of death or injury?

The marvel of it all is the attitude, spirit and sense of duty shared by the troops themselves. True patriots who take pride in their mission and deal with their risk of ultimate sacrifice as the given responsibility of an American citizen. Several tours of duty do not diminish their allegiance. And what caliber of people they are. They truly stand tall. Overriding fear will not be found in their DNA.

There should be an honoring ceremony for every homecoming. Educational and/or employment opportunities should be mandatory. Cutting edge medical treatment should be available, regardless of cost. They must, even in the best of times, never be taken for granted. That's why, when you see a service member in public, don't be shy. Approach and proclaim. "God bless you." It's the very least you can and should do.

Look at it this way: it's because of them that we can indulge in the luxury of addressing life's responsibilities in a free society. They are first class citizens and should be treated as such. It's up to us to always remember and appreciate.