Monday, November 7, 2016


It's Monday, October 7, 2016, at2:56 pm. Write it down and feel free to look at it as often as you wish  for it bespeaks the truth. You will be able to prove it countless times, for it affirms what I know will be the election result.

Hillary Clinton is not going to just win but will rather deliver a knockout landslide swamping of her opponent. It took a while but the electorate just emerged from its self-induced coma and backed away from a fatal last step.

It matters not how and why they were temporarily blinded for they dodged the curse. The world is right again and will not be so receptive should Trump clones present themselves in the future. We'll be smarter next time.

Breathe easy. The ship of state has righted itself.

Remember where you heard it first.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


An examination of Donald Trump's thus far performance in the presidential race mandates the conclusion that he has amassed (as in "kiss my") an insurmountable lead.

The man has shown himself to be a bully, an ignoramus, a schmuck, when he was born the doctor didn't know which end to slap, when asked whether the invasion of Hannibal caused the downfall of the Babylonian empire, his response was "it's beginning to look that way", when he purchased his first suit with two pairs of pants, he ripped the coat, if you knew Suzie like he knew Suzie, her father would be after you toozie, in Shakespeare  , when asked to explain what Lady Macbeth meant when she bellowed,"Out damned spot" he claimed she was insisting that the dog leave the room, etc, etc, etc.....

And yet, by all available polls, Ms. Clinton enjoys a very close but clearly declining lead in the sprint for the White House. How can this be and what does it portend for the future?

I believe it reflects the same voter mentality upon which Trump's securing the nomination is predicated. The electorate is certifiable. It will vote for the candidate who tells them what they want to hear. This smacks of humor but is grounded in the idiocy of Doctor Strangelove. It ain't funny, folks, but we are standing at its edge.

Will the public awake in time to realize the potential for disaster in a Trump presidency?

If the debates don't do it, how can the national momentum right itself?

I keep looking over my shoulder at what might come next from Ms. Clinton's email dilemma and take note of the fact that the other shoe of Benghazi is about to drop.

Trump is now being trained by wily and savvy professionals. So far, his baggage is being discretely jettisoned.

I am afraid.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


The moment is at hand. No more wiggle room. The most damaging area that Trump can play against Clinton can no longer be submerged.

Investigative documents released yesterday confirmed that Clinton had been extensively questioned  about her judgement in using her private email system to discuss classified drone strikes and in allowing aides to destroy large numbers of emails before it was ultimately decided she should not face criminal charges. Her most often relied-upon defense was that she had deferred to the judgement of her State department aides when emailing her and could not recall anyone raising concerns with her regarding the sensitivity of the information she received at her email address.

                                                   THE--- BOTTOM--- LINE

Clinton admitted mistakes--both procedural and substantive--in the way she handled her private email system. Indeed, the FBI acknowledged that it found no evidence of indictable misconduct, which requires criminal intent and her repository in this regard was barren.

The GOP will be all over this. It shall devour it. Accordingly, the stage is now set for the ultimate mano v womano gut wrenching battle to end all constraint-free politico war grounds.

Clinton has all the factual ammunition she needs. She could write 100 books on Trump's misdeeds and misspeaks. And remember, he who has no conscience is all the more vulnerable therefor.

Trump, by what he says and what he does, provides much self-destructiveness. What Clinton should be wary of is the public perception of what she said and how she said it in her sworn testimony before the Justice Department's top counterintelligence officials.

Things are going to get really rough now as the campaign enters the home stretch, punctuated by the presidential debates. Trump's campaign  is now in the hands of savy politicos. We've got ourselves a horse race.

What is the intent when a mistake is made? This calls for an objective analysis  of a subjective state of mind. Not exactly a path clearly illuminated by definitive highway signs.

When Trump says the things he'll do if elected , what is his state of mind? Patriotism or unacceptable manic interludes?

Record the debates. You'll have a slice of history.

Saturday, August 27, 2016


I sat on the edge of the unmade bed. It was evening dark, ushering in shadows dripping in despair, complementing the mood of hopelessness which was engulfing me ,more and more as the light in the house grew dimmer with the advance of a clock, had there been one.

I was in my house or what would be for another day on which a sale would be consummated. My house. So many years of my family bonding together, sharing the divine warmth of everyone sleeping under the same roof, comforting each other even during sleep.

It was that time in life when size of the house was deemed unnecessary and it seemed financially advisable  to sell.

I wanted to kiss every inch of its floors and reminisce about the wonderful events of which it would forever be a depository.

The memories of the house were permeated with love and warmth and hugging and crying and laughter and all the good things that life could entail. It was a magic house, a fine and splendid magic house. It was a thing of beauty, tangibly and ethereally. Its warmth had not changed since my first encounter with it.

I was driving into work when a temporary detour caused me to drive by the house which sported a 

"FOR SALE BY OWNER" SIGN. I wrote down the phone number and thought of nothing else all the day long. The next day, my alpha brain in high drive, I knocked on the magic door and introduced myself to the Madam, a lovely charming woman. I told her why I was there and she gave me a cook's tour. It was love at first sight.

Every room beckoned with warmth, as if the sun would never go down and its purpose was my relaxation. The price was beyond my means but I knew I had to reach for it JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO TRY TO GO FOR IT since I had fallen in love.

Today, even 55 years later, my son and daughter will tell the present owners of their connection to their home and they are greeted with friendship and allowed to examine the premises. I'm not strong enough for that. I'd never make it. Let my dreams nourish me.

This post was not meant to be sad but happy endings are not always manageable.

And my memories are non-tarnishable.

My warm and happy memories.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


The words of Ryan Lochte to a not-so-impartial Matt Lauer rang of the truth. He sincerely acknowledged his missteps in a straightforward manner and missed no one with the broad sweep of his apologies.This is not, however, a benediction  of his captors demanding money at gunpoint.

He should have stayed with his companions but this is not a crime. It was a victimless error in judgement with booze paving the way, but when confronted with a loaded gun in a locus somewhat less reliable than the U.S. SUPREME COURT, getting out of there pronto-like gets my vote every time.

Why doesn't Lauer procure an interview with the gun carrier, affording us a peek of the other side?

We all make mistakes as we maneuver through our cocoon of human frailties. Stay tuned for developing evidence more fully capturing the atmosphere of what went down. The gun-toter v. the drunk converter of property aint no fair freeway from where I sit. If Lochte had sustained serious bodily injury, the sway of media presumptions would be 180 degrees from where they are now.

Locate looked sincerely chastened  and I for one buy it. The booze led him astray but he's not using this as an excuse for not rushing the gun holder and causing life threatening injury, or worse. No shots were fired. No punches were thrown. Lets try being cool here.

He says he has learned his lesson.

He deserves a chance to prove it.

I say he already has.


Stop the presses, put your ear to the ground and listen. There's a change in the machinations of our planet. Whether this is caused by the mood of the electorate or whether the voters are being influenced by a change in the rhythms is immaterial as far as the prognosis of the new thrust of the Trump mood.

The savvy pros have finally put their hands on Trump's shoulders and administered a "no more outrageous crap----you read the lines we give you" or we walk away and let you return to your suicide run exposing your ineptness for the office you seek. And although its relatively early, IT WORKS! Speaking to minorities with words of reason which are delivered to him thirty seconds in teleprompter time, Trump's new shtick is a manifestation of everybody realizing that he can win this thing if he no longer carries his gun which shoots his feet and permeates his campaign with a cesspool aroma.


Two things have happened concurrently: Trump nearly committed suicide during the week that was and the Elephant Starkers realized that somewhere in this empty head was the potential for a winner. And, don't look now, every day makes the stretched-out E-MAIL fiasco and the shadows of Benghazi more onerous and threatening to Ms. Clinton.

This is going down to the wire, folks, with the first debate being crucial.

Anything can happen (George W.)

The Trump sons will resign from the Brown Shirt Party,

Ms. Clinton will stop dodging these smoke and mirror accusations against her and meet them head-on, which she can do in dissipatory fashion
and will keep her husband away from airport tarmac secret meetings to discuss family matters and exchange photos of grandkids.    


Saturday, August 6, 2016


How did it come to pass that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President? Better suited for a comic movie, the notion is permeated with danger effecting our and future generations. But the door out is open, the road to redemption is simply resolved. Return to the origin and retrace steps taken but in a 180 fashion.   REVERSE COURSE.

Mob hysteria is both powerful and dangerous. The line dividing mass protests and public chaos is difficult to observe, let alone follow. But Humpty Dumpty provides a blueprint for redemption.

Mr. Trump is imploding and his followers shake their heads more in defeat than in a realization of how close they came to a brush with the devil. Had Trump prevailed, his supporters would have become the vanquished, ruled over,domineeringly, by those who had been looked to for redemption.

Does Hillary Clinton have baggage? Of course, but in any comparison test imaginable,
 the tail of the other guy passes the bad line first.

It aint over yet but a solution is in sight.

A formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting in which opposing arguments are put forward.

Grab the chips and the salsa sauce. The creation at hand is upon us.


Sunday, July 31, 2016


What if a majority of voters are unable or unwilling to admit, let alone consider, the possibility that Donald Trump is simply too screwy to be president? Do we all jump off a cliff tsk-tsk'ng on the way down about the number of red flags ignored along the way?After all, doesn't democracy mean the majority rules? Is this all a dream from which one cannot awake? Look into the faces of Trump supporters who are educated and reasonable in their quest for the best in life. THEY BELIEVE! THEY'RE READY TO DRINK THE KOOL-AID! They have been hypnotized to a place which bars the door to reason. It isn't necessary to touch the stove to realize the consequence of getting burnt.

Trump tells his followers what they want to hear. So did Jim Jones,Mussolini and Hitler. The time for seeing through the smoke is narrowing.

Hopefully, the pending debates will fine tune the blur into picture perfect clarity as shock waves which awaken proceed to dominate sensory principles grounded in the tenets of right and wrong.



Saturday, July 30, 2016


An election is looming, the importance of which must be understood and appreciated.

An examination of both candidates' qualifications mandates the following conclusion:
The security of our nation would be fatally prevailed upon by the selection of Donald Trump as President.

Enough with the gags and wisecracks. He represents a clear and present danger to wherever he touches upon. However, I am astonished at the number of his apparent supporters.

The danger of the consequences of a Trump victory must be realized by these people before it's too late and their embryonic opinions have hardened. For the ultimate election result lies in the power of the electorate and the poll data are alarmingly close. Such is the process of a democracy.

It will be too late to moan and groan when and if the Trump theories are practiced. Will the weeks remaining until election day provide enough time for reality to hit its mark?

It is up to the voters, the citizens, the conglomerate of people registering their hopes and dreams, to establish the direction of our country.

This is the essence of democracy.

Will they embrace reason which, to others, is so clear?

Will they make a bad dream crystallize into the comfort of clarity?

Will they cast off misguidedness and do the right thing?

Much is at stake.

Basic values are at stake.

Democracy is being ultimately tested.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


An honored journalist for forty-six years, then passing away one week after retiring

What was it like? Putting things in their proper order and rolling towards the lamp to put out the light?

Morley Safer made it seem so predetermined, so inevitably controllable that eternal peace must be his forever now.

What a wonderful life and career he carved for himself! His obsession with Earnest Hemingway cannot now be casually dismissed. Did his health decline so rapidly in those last weeks or was that a cover experience? What did he know that he so ingeniously choreographed?  It seems too neat for real life.

I salute him  as  one who lived and went out with style, having lived the fullest life possible. I have a feeling, however, that relevant circumstances will ultimately reveal themselves and light will be shed, not to disparage but rather to trumpet the way he chose to close the door.

His kind of class is not so easy to extinguish.

But, oh, to have been a fly on that wall.