Sunday, August 21, 2016


The words of Ryan Lochte to a not-so-impartial Matt Lauer rang of the truth. He sincerely acknowledged his missteps in a straightforward manner and missed no one with the broad sweep of his apologies.This is not, however, a benediction  of his captors demanding money at gunpoint.

He should have stayed with his companions but this is not a crime. It was a victimless error in judgement with booze paving the way, but when confronted with a loaded gun in a locus somewhat less reliable than the U.S. SUPREME COURT, getting out of there pronto-like gets my vote every time.

Why doesn't Lauer procure an interview with the gun carrier, affording us a peek of the other side?

We all make mistakes as we maneuver through our cocoon of human frailties. Stay tuned for developing evidence more fully capturing the atmosphere of what went down. The gun-toter v. the drunk converter of property aint no fair freeway from where I sit. If Lochte had sustained serious bodily injury, the sway of media presumptions would be 180 degrees from where they are now.

Locate looked sincerely chastened  and I for one buy it. The booze led him astray but he's not using this as an excuse for not rushing the gun holder and causing life threatening injury, or worse. No shots were fired. No punches were thrown. Lets try being cool here.

He says he has learned his lesson.

He deserves a chance to prove it.

I say he already has.

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