Saturday, August 6, 2016


How did it come to pass that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President? Better suited for a comic movie, the notion is permeated with danger effecting our and future generations. But the door out is open, the road to redemption is simply resolved. Return to the origin and retrace steps taken but in a 180 fashion.   REVERSE COURSE.

Mob hysteria is both powerful and dangerous. The line dividing mass protests and public chaos is difficult to observe, let alone follow. But Humpty Dumpty provides a blueprint for redemption.

Mr. Trump is imploding and his followers shake their heads more in defeat than in a realization of how close they came to a brush with the devil. Had Trump prevailed, his supporters would have become the vanquished, ruled over,domineeringly, by those who had been looked to for redemption.

Does Hillary Clinton have baggage? Of course, but in any comparison test imaginable,
 the tail of the other guy passes the bad line first.

It aint over yet but a solution is in sight.

A formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting in which opposing arguments are put forward.

Grab the chips and the salsa sauce. The creation at hand is upon us.


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