Saturday, September 10, 2016


An examination of Donald Trump's thus far performance in the presidential race mandates the conclusion that he has amassed (as in "kiss my") an insurmountable lead.

The man has shown himself to be a bully, an ignoramus, a schmuck, when he was born the doctor didn't know which end to slap, when asked whether the invasion of Hannibal caused the downfall of the Babylonian empire, his response was "it's beginning to look that way", when he purchased his first suit with two pairs of pants, he ripped the coat, if you knew Suzie like he knew Suzie, her father would be after you toozie, in Shakespeare  , when asked to explain what Lady Macbeth meant when she bellowed,"Out damned spot" he claimed she was insisting that the dog leave the room, etc, etc, etc.....

And yet, by all available polls, Ms. Clinton enjoys a very close but clearly declining lead in the sprint for the White House. How can this be and what does it portend for the future?

I believe it reflects the same voter mentality upon which Trump's securing the nomination is predicated. The electorate is certifiable. It will vote for the candidate who tells them what they want to hear. This smacks of humor but is grounded in the idiocy of Doctor Strangelove. It ain't funny, folks, but we are standing at its edge.

Will the public awake in time to realize the potential for disaster in a Trump presidency?

If the debates don't do it, how can the national momentum right itself?

I keep looking over my shoulder at what might come next from Ms. Clinton's email dilemma and take note of the fact that the other shoe of Benghazi is about to drop.

Trump is now being trained by wily and savvy professionals. So far, his baggage is being discretely jettisoned.

I am afraid.

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