Saturday, July 30, 2016


An election is looming, the importance of which must be understood and appreciated.

An examination of both candidates' qualifications mandates the following conclusion:
The security of our nation would be fatally prevailed upon by the selection of Donald Trump as President.

Enough with the gags and wisecracks. He represents a clear and present danger to wherever he touches upon. However, I am astonished at the number of his apparent supporters.

The danger of the consequences of a Trump victory must be realized by these people before it's too late and their embryonic opinions have hardened. For the ultimate election result lies in the power of the electorate and the poll data are alarmingly close. Such is the process of a democracy.

It will be too late to moan and groan when and if the Trump theories are practiced. Will the weeks remaining until election day provide enough time for reality to hit its mark?

It is up to the voters, the citizens, the conglomerate of people registering their hopes and dreams, to establish the direction of our country.

This is the essence of democracy.

Will they embrace reason which, to others, is so clear?

Will they make a bad dream crystallize into the comfort of clarity?

Will they cast off misguidedness and do the right thing?

Much is at stake.

Basic values are at stake.

Democracy is being ultimately tested.

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