Sunday, January 22, 2012


Newt Gingrich is a cad. A malicious malignancy who constantly plays the room and revises history by attempting to justify and contort his proclivity for doing wrong things by saying he's sorry for being like everyone who makes mistakes. His contrition is a three dollar bill. Formally previously castigated and scarlet-lettered by his own party, he has knowingly violated the ethic rules of his own kind--which ain't easy to do. His moral character reflects that he is his own pimp. Cheating on a cancer ridden first wife while simultaneously savaging his President for similar misconduct, cheating-repeating on wife #2 with mistress-now #3 may not be a crime but it certainly warrants giving his postman a change-of-address card reflecting a present domicile of the gutter. He shoots first and thinks later. His feigned anger at John King for serving up a grooveball question on his lack of moral compass is laughable. His temperament and sociopath instincts makes his presidential candidacy terrifying. He almost makes Romney look not so bad.

My prediction: keep your eye on Jeb Bush, to whom the GOP might very well turn, on bended knee, in order to avoid certain disaster.

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