Thursday, December 8, 2011


Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, addressing Jewish Republicans, accused President Obama of "appeasement" in his alleged lack of support of Israel.

Look, I know it's campaign time, where the elasticity of reason is put to the test, but when the line is crossed into the realm of deliberate inflammatory slogans which spit in the face of history, Slick Mitt should do a Quick Quit. Shake hands with this man and you become the Crisco Kid. He claims to champion the cause of righteousness while opponents are among the reckless falsifiers. Admittedly, he's intelligent, too smart to mistake poison ivy for mistletoe. He should have the definition of political appeasement spoon-fed down his throat.

In September of 1938, with their intentions of world domination alarmingly evident, Germany demanded that the Sudetenland, in Czechoslovakia, be brought under its control. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin met with Adolph Hitler, at Munich, and agreed to the dictator's demands. "Peace in our time" he crowed.The slaughter of millions of Jews, rounded-up, gassed alive and incinerated, stands as the most heinous crime against humanity of all time. Chamberlin's cave-in, historically and unequivocally, defines "appeasement". Romney's blatant misuse of the word, in an effort to impress Jewish voters, is diabolically transparent.

He should be ashamed of himself.

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