Saturday, April 28, 2012


 I was young. It was quite an experience, learning to drive.

At first,  I was overcome with the thrill of it all and the speed limits were not matters of overly concern. It's not that I was reckless, I simply chose not to consider the potential consequences of going too quickly and immersed myself in the moment. Tomorrow was unlimited.

The passage of time shifted my emphasis to the quality of the machine in which I was to be seen. After all, I had earned certain credentials and just like "the clothes make the man" I wanted my car to "be me." My pace didn't slacken, for my comfort behind the wheel had grown and the desire to impress was of paramount importance. An upgrade in make and model was necessary and inevitable. A book was to be judged by its cover.

The next phase found me a bit more attentive to the rules of the road as I flirted with the concept of moderation increasing the accessibility of control. A dash of "easy does it" made the recipe more nourishing. I didn't become a "square", but rather the frequency of contact between gas pedal and brake was beginning to even up.

Approaching the home stretch, attention to highway signs became a factor, along with the realization that careful conduct made the road a lot less bumpy. Easier to travel from A to B while avoiding unnecessary accidents. There was no price to pay for adhering my driving to the norm of propriety.

And, finally, I understood that not violating traffic regulations made things a hellavalot less complicated and, surprise-surprise, bolstered my confidence as I went the distance, as well as my enjoyment of the entire experience. Just settle down and watch where you're going.

Now, um... what was I talking about?

Oh yeah.... .driving a car.

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