Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Even the name suggests a circus. "Captain Trump."

Only this guy ain't kiddin'.

Membership qualification is how low can you bow.

But there's something more nauseously at play here, a beckoning to all who carry an{ imagined }

inferiority complex as their cross t.o bear. There is an opportunity to ascend the ladder of physicality

and improve the way you look. NO SURGERY REQUIRED!

I'm talking, people, about a study of NOSES who get the ringside seats at important events. The noses of nobility.

The Prez has the face of a pig. Swollen-almost-shut-eyes,but there. in the middle of this hodgepodge, sits a not-so-bad-proboscis. The out of context little girl nose engulfed by a puffy overblown face.

No pins allowed near the Prez.

What gives with Melania, the first  lady, and Ivanka, married to Jared?


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