Tuesday, March 22, 2011


"Why do you love Frank Sinatra so much?" she asked.
No one had ever asked me that question.
I tried to explain.

Sinatra's voice, I said, is the voice most men hear in their heads. It's the paradigm of maleness. It has the power men strive for, and the confidence. And yet when Sinatra is hurt, busted up, his voice changes. Not that the confidence goes away, but just beneath the confidence is a strain of insecurity, and you hear the two impulses warring for his soul, you hear all that confidence and insecurity in every note, because Sinatra lets you hear, lays himself bare, which men so seldom do.

Pleased with this explanation, I turned up the volume, a recording of Sinatra's "All Or Nothing At All", magnificently complemented by a brilliant, swingin' Nelson Riddle arrangement.

"Have you always liked him?" she asked.


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