Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I'm sure there are some, but I've never encountered an indigent doctor. They enjoy God-like status and act like it. And dentists have it made. They are so specialized, they refuse to think beyond their own field. It's a referral network. The influx of loot in both professions is never-ending. And it's steady. By the time students have graduated from med school and gone through internship, their futures are just about guaranteed. More power to them, reaping the benefits of hard work.

A switch of gears is required when contemplating the plight of law students. During their senior year, they are gripped by anxiety. Will they pass the bar exam? And then, what? How will they earn a living? Top-notch law schools pour out highly qualified graduates each year, flooding the market with job seekers. The top percentile score with the prestigious law firms. The majority ponder in the face of uncertainty. Letters of recommendation, interviews, a consideration of military JAG---anything to prevent joblessness. They refuse, in any way, to acknowledge the  misconception of trial attorneys.

Litigious, slick, manipulative and exploitative. That's the misguided stereotype which is pervasively advertised to the public. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A litigator is, by definition, an extrovert, a type A personality and neurotic. Anyone who's not settles for mediocrity. "Tort lawyers cause insurance rates to rise. Criminal defense attorneys represent the guilty." Baloney. When an individual is injured by the  negligence of others, the first scream heard is, "Get me the best lawyer and tell him to get me maximum money." Someone charged with a crime instructs his lawyer to "do whatever it takes to get me off." And heavy responsibilities are assumed by men and women dedicated to uphold the solemnity and integrity of the trial system of justice.

These are noble professionals who shall receive our respect the old fashioned way.

They shall have earned it.

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