Sunday, October 16, 2011


The Occupy movement has its genesis in the debt-ceiling budget debacle and the bank bailouts. It represents the drowning middle class, desperately screaming for a life preserver. It is the bastard child of the Tea Party.

The infusion of cash into the banking system had a string attached. Lend it out to the public on reasonable terms. This implicit promise was betrayed. Credit interest rates skyrocketed. Foreclosures became the name of the game. Homelessness became a national fabric. Something began to stir. In the usually dormant middle class.

The Tea Party, through its robotic, congressional surrogates, refused to consider any remedy other than the cutting of entitlements, as a means of solving the deficit problem. The middle class rustlings began to ferment. People, comprising the citizenry majority, had no prevailing leader.  Their elected officials, burdened with the weight of reasonableness, had been overrun by zealots who were targeting their lifelines of existence. They needed a voice. They became their own.

When people are desperate, struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, with reasonably paying jobs nowhere to be found, governed by a stymied political system, watching rich corporations getting richer, reading about outlandish bonuses to already-fat-cat CEO's, feeling the pain of rising credit card interest rates, with no help in sight and nowhere to turn, history teaches that strange things can happen. The atmosphere is set for a strong leader to emerge.

It can even be the incumbent with a more aggressive attitude. He has the ammunition: the defeat of the jobs bill at the hands of an arrogant, extremist legislature. The cure for the majority destroyed by a minority. We are witnessing the embryo of social revolution (see my post of 4/9/2011).

This is global in nature. Do not turn the dial.

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