Friday, March 8, 2013


Drone critics lump them with snipers and condemn both as "death out of nowhere".

Welcome to 21st-century warfare, where the nation is constantly threatened by suicide bombers who would more than fit the same description of surprise attack.

The naysayers offer no alternative as to how to combat terrorists.

This is not World War II, where the Japanese use of kamikaze pilots was a desperate combat tool as the war was winding down. For Islamic terrorists, this type of attack is their weapon of choice. We are not acting, we are reacting to an enemy fanatically sworn to wipe us out. They chose the means of warfare and we are responding in kind.

A person willing to blow himself up in order to kill Americans should not be afforded any immunity by virtue of the technical circumstance of US citizenship. Someone who is planning or has executed an attack on Americans are fair game for drone strikes. Targets are not chosen indiscriminately.

Until and unless convinced otherwise, I have complete faith in my government's ability to distinguish between a threat to our national security and an innocent bystander.

If America has become a "sniper nation", it is because that is the most effective means to effectuate the justified end of striking the enemy at hand.

And lest we forget, drones obviate putting our attack troops on the ground, in the immediate path of harm's way.

A reasonable jihadist is an oxymoron.

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