Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I plan to apply for a patent on something which I should have learned long ago, but which I have just embraced and come to understand.

Generally speaking, you can always spot the couples in a restaurant who have been many years married. They're not speaking to each other. One or both have shut down their communication channel, which morphs into permanency unless corrected in a timely fashion. But, how do you reach someone who can't hear you?

In truth, complexity is at play here. The notion of understanding has escaped and eluded the relationship which becomes tainted by the dirty hands of the one who has gone off the track and sincerely believes his own stinkin' thinkin'. Whether he knows it or not, he is in dire need of an epiphany. And this, if the relationship is of soulmate status, is where fate comes into play. Happenstance is the unlocking key, the traffic controller of lives and emotions.

The lost partner somehow finds his footing and new frequencies are discovered. He now sees where he looks. He experiences a rude awakening as he enters an aura of understanding that he has been suffering from emotional dyslexia. Right has been left and up has been down. It's time to learn again, and be willing--and wanting--to make things coordinate with reality.

The way back begins, slowly, lest you lose your step. Bumps along the road become solvable because they are no longer invisible. Your automatic speed control kicks in with steady as she goes, things begin to come together and a re-kindling occurs. But the learning lesson becomes indelible.

And when things are finally o.k. again, you begin to understand even more and realize that what you thought was happenstance was really destiny.

And the food becomes secondary to conversation and communication.

And when you do your research, you find that your discovery has already been discovered by another.

Oh, well, there's always enough of a good thing for those who find it.

And you wonder,"Where the hell have I been all this time?"

But, you know where you are now.

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