Thursday, February 12, 2015


Brian Williams must have a mental disorder. He did not base his conduct on malice. Without malice it is difficult to entertain motive. His public apologies were sincere, in that he fessed up and begged forgiveness. The NBC sharks were all too anxious to jump into the frenzied feeding pool. People usually hide their lies; Williams jumped on a world stage. As far as his audience is concerned, no one is wounded or crying in the streets. They would constitute record breaking numbers in viewing his return.

Who are his victims? He has lost credibility in the personal saga realm but that is a tiny slice of the public news pie. He is the victim of pouncers who lie in wait in the jungle of jealously.

He suffers from a flaw. He has acknowledged his mistakes. Let us make room for the passage of time's effect should he be rehired at the end of his suspendsion. There are no demonstrators in the streets. His critics seem bent on vengeance. He has broken no law as even former presidents have. He is living through his personal hell. His agony appears legitimate.

Compassion and forgiveness should not be abandoned in this case. There are worse unpunished scoundrels out there.

Ease up. Let Brian Williams find his way back.

Don't be embarrassed to be empathetic.

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