Thursday, December 25, 2014


An impossible task is to find a person whose life is mistake free. Goes with the concept of free will. The ultimate test of evaluation is the landing zone, when all the dust has settled and the clearest picture is finally available for viewing and analysis.

To turn back the clock and do things differently is impossible rubbish. More appropriate is to to colonize with the Wizard Of Odds and discuss with him the keys to ascertaining motive and the ultimate consequences of everything.

At any given point in time, we are the product of our experiences, more so as our journeys in life extend the boundaries of learning.

Motive is the key to everything. It formulates the difference between good and bad. It provides for either damnation or aquittal. It explains. It formulates and molds relationships. It makes things clearer, easier to see, easier to understand. It puts everything in perspective. It facilitates the jettisoning of guilt. Most of all, it defines relationships.

Friendship is the penultimate chapter of one's analysis of another, thus rendering the conclusion almost immaterial since it merely mirrors that which precedes it. It is the result of everything else. The bad bumps in life are dealt with by finding the circumstances of mitigation, of which there are many, as long as one is receptive to shedding the condemnation of self-serving and replacing it with self-affirmation.

If looking back once caused you distress, then don't. Replace memories of the past with the comfort of how things are now which, you will find, is the taste that lingers the longest. Fuck the naysayers and, at long last, give yourself a break. If no malice was intended, get off the conscience elevator at the top floor for the world of descent is not your calling. Who says so? The impeachable you and only you can bring yourself down.

If you recognize one true friendship, available to you right now, grab it and hold on. Enjoy the benefits which you have been blessed to receive. They are never-ending and will always attest to the inescapable fact that,  somewhere along the line, you have done something right. You've got a friend to lean on and to support when it's your turn. A bond of mutual affection. Love and respect.

You are lucky people. You have never let malice come on board. There's much to enjoy.

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