Saturday, March 21, 2015


So me and this guy were on a mundane mission. Grocery shopping on a "food only mission." Nothing spectacular but sometimes some things can neither be planned nor scripted.

This guy is on my wave length. Same frequency so that two words telegraph to me the sentence about to come my way in full form.

Another thing. This guy is brilliant. And the hippest man in the land. So what should have been a perfunctory task turns into an adventure in escapism. I should have video-tapped the entire phenomenon. He had me in awe. I'm no slouch but this guy leaves me in the dust. So quick, so smart. What began as a food shop suddenly turned into an adventure that can't be anticipated. Only enjoyed. We were oblivious to our surroundings for our world was for members only and the books are closed.

What a wonderful time we had! Endorphins all over the place. And this guy, ever cool, merely offers up,"we had fun."

It made my day and weeks to come. Why? What made me so reactive to this guy? Why is he such a pleasure to be with? What a battery charge he provides.

The answer is simple.

This guy is someone I love with all of my heart and soul.

This guy is my clone. I adore him.

This guy is my blessing.

I done somethin' good.

This guy is my son.


  1. I love you very much!
    Sorry to everyone else... He's all mine.

  2. You're both amazing gentlemen, and lucky to be best friends.