Tuesday, May 17, 2011


What goes with these semi or full criticisms of the circumstances attending the death of Osama bib Laden?

"It was wrong to kill him if he wasn't, himself, using deadly force."

"The goal of the mission should have been to capture him alive,  and bring him to trial, thereby showing the world that American Due Process applies to foe as well as friend."

"Why the secret burial at sea?, why no release of pictures, etc.?"

Are you kidding me? We're talking about Seal Team Unit 6,  here; an elite part of the men and women serving in defense of our country.

Sent into harm's way for a tour of combat in a no-man's-land; then, if they are lucky enough to have survived, back home for a period of time, shortened by a recall to active duty, to be again enveloped by a hell of sand. And, they do this proudly. Where do we get such men?

I'm not criticizing the patriotism of the complainers, I'm simply opining that their sentiments are misplaced. I  stand in awe of the Seals. I thank God for them. When I read accounts of the degree of intensive training they went through, one dress rehearsal after another, preparing for every contingency, then meeting head-on and conquering unanticipated events, I am thrilled with pride. To me, this is a symbol of what the U.S.A. is all about.

One of my students personally knows a group of Seals, and he sums them up this way: if they're having a beer at a tavern, and a fight breaks out among other customers, they rise and vanish, even though one of them could have immediately neutralized the situation. The coolest of cool. They remain focused on who they are.  He brought one of them to a class and we chatted. Charming but not too talkative, unassuming, yet giving off an aura of strength and confidence. When he was leaving, we shook hands, and I said,"God bless you."

I was not embarrassed to say it; he was not ill-at- ease to hear it.

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  1. Very interesting, thanks for sharing Judge :-)