Tuesday, June 14, 2011


O.K.  My John King For President campaign has failed to get off the ground. I an forlorn, emotionally crushed and clinically depressed. I may even run myself. Not into the ground but for the White House. But, consistent with my manic me, I bounce right back with a more detailed analysis.

It had been expected that Romney would be everyone's target, since he was the frontrunner. Not so. The game plan of the others was to ingratiate themselves with the heir apparent, so as to vie for the vice presidency. Romney was teflon. Everybody laid off. He was, therefore, the passive winner. But, even if nominated, he can't win. Because he's too moderate. With many years in the game, his experiences have caused him to move towards the center and that's the territory of the Prez. His extremely conservative views on social issues (pro-life, gay marriage, etc,) constitute his pitch to the radical right. He is quite aware, however, that there's a vast difference between espousing and accomplishing. And he has been quite  "flexible" on the issues. He plays the room. This is an on the record vulnerability, recorded with indelible ink. He ain't gonna make it all the way. Someone else, with cleaner hands and less baggage, has yet to emerge. It will happen for the GOP.

The talk shows are proclaiming Representative Michele Bachmann as having made the best impression. As compared to whom? Admittedly, she's sailin' better than Palin. She has a more accurate knowledge of foreign affairs i,e, she knows that the Latin Quarter is more than just a foreign coin, and when asked "did the invasion of Hannibal cause the downfall of the Babylonian Empire?" she replied," it's beginning to look that way." And she does not think that "Yale" is the Swedish word for prison. Sincere, but President of the United States??????

The present candidates are honorable people but without electability. To be sure, President Obama can be criticized on certain areas of foreign policy. Like, what's our game plan re the citizenry uprisings in the Middle East? Shouldn't it be recognized that a "political vacuum" in that region is an oxymoron? Cannot any such void be immediately filled by political organizations with unlimited animosities toward the U.S. and its vital interests? See Egypt. From bad to worse is no blueprint for stability, the best of intentions, notwithstanding.
Nonetheless, with the candidates presently in play, I see the President's re-election. He's extremely intelligent, honest and moral as they come. A born leader. We've got a patriot on our hands, who doesn't shoot from the hip and whom I believe has a reasoned natural instinct to do what's right for this country.

Observe the candidates for the sake of political science, but what we've got, we should have for another four years. President Obama is made of the right stuff.

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