Monday, June 13, 2011


The Republican Presidential Debate plods on, but I could no longer sit still. I am compelled to be the first to declare a winner. It is the moderator, John King.

Man, that cat is smart, in a very hip way. His questions are more informative than the answers. No uncomfortable pauses. No awkward poses. His words are pronounced in machine-gun style. No notes!
He tries, in vain, to keep the candidates focused on the questions. This is not easy. Example:
"How do you create more jobs?"-------"The framers of the constitution were great men!"
"What, if anything, should be done to Medicare?"----------"I love America! And the founding fathers, too!"

Mr. King limits answers, as best he can, to keep the conversation moving. His brain is a reservoir of facts. He will not be ruffled. His is the most compelling voice .
 A male candidate just expressed his preference for the I-phone over the Blackberry. The female candidate shrieked with laughter for fifteen seconds.
Fingers on the red button? Better John King's. And I hafta grab that smartphone line for my stand-up gig.
Gotta be a mothalode of humor in there somewhere.

I predict someone, presently not on the podium, shall soon"involuntarily" be persuaded to throw his hat into the square. A better fit, with the ability to integrate all factions of the G.O.P.

Another President Bush???  Rule nothing out.

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  1. Talk about news when it is news! Next will be a post before the fact. Nicely done, Your Honor.