Saturday, April 30, 2011


....because the details are branded on my heart.

I was at the counter in the Clerk's office, waiting in line to file a motion to suppress, when I turned to my left, down a short corridor leading to the Office of the Clerk, when I first saw her.
She was taking dictation. I could only see her right side, but it was enough to transfix me. You've got it right, enough to transfix me.

I didn't know exactly what it was, except that it was not within my control. Nor was the acceleration of my pulse. I put the legal papers back into my briefcase, because nothing that mundane had any significance at that moment, and began walking down the hall.
She was walking toward me. The space would not accommodate two-way traffic. We came face to face, stopped, and took each other's measure. She had a face that was--(when a more descriptive word comes along, I'll consider using it)--absolutely glamorous. Dark hair, contrasting with her fair skin tone, a nose for which other women would pay tens of thousands, and sparkling blue eyes which could comfortably supply enough energy for the planet. She was, quite simply, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.
Want an update? Change "was" to "is", and "had" to "have".

Without premeditation, for my mind was not responsive to that mode, I said, "who are you?"
She shot back, "who are you?" Neither question was answered in words; we just kept staring at, and then, passed each other by. The conclusion, nevertheless, was inescapable. Lightening had struck.

The next day, I returned to file the same motion. She was the only clerk on duty and so this was to be our second encounter. I extended the document, looking directly at her, as I was emotionally compelled to do. She showed no sign of recognition. She didn't even look at me. Her attention seemed to be focused solely on the documents. When she took them from me, she overreached, causing hand to hand contact. The effect of being within touching distance of her, again overwhelmed me, as it had the day before, only ten times the magnitude.

It should be noted that this phenomenon, the passage of time, notwithstanding, has never even begun to, in any way, subside in intensity. That's the way it is, with these once-in-a-lifetime happenings.

To be continued.... when I'm in this zone again...for you can't hurry these things....nor can you make them up.

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