Wednesday, April 6, 2011


As of this moment, we anxiously await heavy congressional promulgations and how their consequences shall effect us. Like coming together, bridging political divides and bound by our common denominator of wanting less burdens in our lives.

Will there be a government shutdown which shall benefit no one?
Will the pain of spending cuts disproportionately be borne by the middle and lower classes while the upper top get a pass?
Will vital public services depended upon by average people be decimated?

I may be a naive nabob, but I still have faith in the indelible characteristics of reasonableness and moderation which, in the bottom of the ninth, shall awaken from its dormancy in the hearts and souls of the mainstream leaders of both parties and assume the helm. The alleged controlling influence of the fringes shall be revealed to be an overinflated myth with an ambiguous shelf life. The captains of both teams did not earn their stripes overnight. This is not their baptism in battle.

What is the secret of success? "right decisions."
How do you make right decisions? "experience."
How do you get experience? "wrong decisions."

The government shall remain open, doing, as always, what it must do,propelled forward by those who are now finally, under the watchful eye of the clock, putting the finishing touches on a compromise bill.

There will be spending cuts, which, when explained, shall be understood and tolerated. No services vital  to the common good of society shall be terminated. Dissatisfied politicians shall be heard on both sides, the sign of a well negotiated agreement.

And who should be credited for this accomplishment?
The President and the leaders of congress and the citizens of the United States who put them there.
My words shall be graded by the imminent, important decisions for which we impatiently wait.

As I am closing this post, my son's dog, whom we both adore, brushed by my leg,saying "hello' without wanting to interrupt.

Dogs understand everything.

Not math.

But that's okay.

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