Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I experienced, what was for me, a most significant dream. I dreamt of 5 sheep jumping over 5 hurdles. I awoke when my clock radio, for no reason at all, turned on at 5 a.m. It was day number 5 of month number 5. ------I had a hunch.

I shaved, showered, dressed , wolfed down cornflakes , grabbed the paper outside my door and began to study the horse race listings for that day. Hold it, I said to myself, what are you doing? You can't make sense out of the stats anyway and, besides, you're going to play a hunch.

I hailed a cab to the track. The cab's registration number was 555. No question about it, I was on a fate mission. The pavilion was crowded with people batting their brains out, trying to pick the winners. No such fool's errand for me. Git outta my way!

I ran up to window #5 and purchased five $5 tickets on horse number 5 in race number 5.

Came in fifth.


  1. You tell a great joke and they get better every time you tell them.

  2. This one had me howling, Judge Alch. Very funny!