Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The only gain for the President, in last night's address to the nation, was the resulting deluge of phone calls to congress by citizens who are anti-Tea Party. A negative aspect was a public letdown at the lack of breakthrough news. When the President asks for primetime t.v. during a crisis, the expectations are high that he will announce a development of substance. Not so. He only accentuated the known negative. To be sure, he took the high ground while John Boehner, the not-so-unwilling captive of the Tea Party, stooped to talk-show talk, but the polarization of politics was etched in stone. Zealots, as elected officials, is unacceptable. But, for present purposes, it's too late for that. Our government is a democracy. Shouldn't the majority rule? Will we ever really appreciate the value of every individual vote? The world scratches its head in bewilderment, as our political machinations effectuate near paralysis. Pundits, much more experienced than moi, can only rationalize in dream- talk.

So, what should be done? Here's my suggestion: The Democrats should shift from reaction to action. Instead of waiting for the Boehner bill to pass the Hostage House only to be defeated by the Senate, the bill proposed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should be filed now in the Senate.  It will pass and fast-track to the House. Then, fortified by both Senate approval and public opinion ( ignited by the President's speech) it will crystalize, under the glare of public scrutiny, just how dictatorial the ideological Tea Party really is. A counterstrike of reason to illuminate the obstinacy of the Radical Right. Let the country see,in vivid colors, just who the good and bad guys are.

Never underestimate the strength of public opinion. It has been been formulated. Let it play out. Discard the inactivity of the waiting game. Take the initiative  and take off the gloves.

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