Sunday, July 31, 2011


The Tea Party has worked the system very well. They have abided by the rules of procedure. No curves in their approach. They are immersed in discipline. No one has broken ranks. They commissioned their representatives to Congress with very specific instructions on what and what not to do. And their soldiers have followed orders, without compromise. They have taken senior members of Congress by surprise. Not with regard to their agenda, for this was, at all times, in plain view, but, rather by their sheer resolve.

In the past, however acrimonious the dialogue, it was inevitable that, once everyone had vented ad nauseam, everyone would sit down and give and take a little. Not this time. And the non Tea Baggers looked to the heavens and screamed "How can this be? What can we do?" And they put their heads together to come up with something, anything, to modify the TP's doctrine. And, they huffed and puffed but couldn't formulate a plan upon which they, themselves, could agree. A lack of discipline. And the alarm bell rang loudly and clearly, because even reasonable men could not reason together. A non-fictitous fable. And chaos ruled the realm. All because the TP had presented a new type of political warfare: a platform predicated upon the abolishment of compromise.

As I post this, both Houses of Congress are running amok. They have supposedly come up with a master plan. But as the details are revealed, neither party likes what their leaders have produced. And, the clock ticks on.

There will be a deal because there must be a deal. But nobody will be happy because nobody wins. Except  the TP. And, if they win, the majority of the people lose.

But, how can a majority be vanquished by a minority? Return to the top and re-read.

I've got a headache. Stop the world. I wanna get off.

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