Saturday, July 23, 2011


There will be a deal. The world is upside-down. Reason shall cave to intransigency. To be reasonable is to weigh alternatives and choose what's best for our country. Blind fanaticism is incapable of a thinking process which involves anything inconsistent with its cult-goal. Defies common sense.

President Obama shall not allow the self-destruct button to be pressed. This is not blinking in a game of chicken. It is the recognition of the robotic mind set of those who place goal achievement ahead of the national interest.

The final agreement shall be hailed as a "victory' by the Tea Party partygoers. They'll point to the amount of spending cuts as their spoils. The Democrats shall sadly shake their heads and some shall berate the President for selling out the middle and lower income classes. A fatal catastrophe shall have been averted, but with one malignant casualty: the abandonment of reasonableness.

Wait until the consequences begin to be felt. The curtailment of bottom line services to the people who have, and rightly so, relied upon these programs for their survival. Wait until the negative effects upon Medicare, Medicaid, Social security, public libraries, post offices, schools, courts, hospitals etc, begin to actually be felt. These are areas of governmental responsibilities which shall be drastically curtailed if not eliminated. Will the Tea Party fill this void???

It boggles the mind to think that a minority of politicians can wreak so much havoc. Just because they are unreasonable. They want to focus on cutting federal spending to reduce huge financial deficits instead of spending money on programs to create jobs.

What's the solution? Citizenry outrage, now, and , soon at the ballot box. President Obama is attuned to the public welfare. It's not so much that the Tea Party is against this notion, they just don't understand it.

Cause and effect. It's a law they can't repeal.

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