Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Every life has more than one crossroad to travail. For some, the temptation to sit and quit is too formidable and they exit the race of life. Others give up to wherever fate has planned for them with their compass aimed at indifference. But a strong yet stubborn few grab what they have and turn it into the "consequence for potential" category.

They alchemize an exquisitely gentle but inherently determined sadness into gold. An inbred talent newly discovered but patiently waiting to be embraced as a positive factor in their lives.

They take a first grasp at the baton they are handed with the determination of making it important.

Somehow, some way, as the current flows by, a life preserver pulsates into your control, giving you another shot at everything. Change your gait from retaliation to capitulation. Try it. Got no choice. You do but you got no choice.

You have met people whom you will never get out of your system nor will she (the cover is blown) ever get you out of hers.


Don't stop the world. You don't want to get off.

In the meantime, forget to remember.

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